Doc McStuffins Gives Fart Mommy a Needle & Checkup


Welcome to KiddieToysReview Ouch, my tummy’s so pain, I need to see medical doctors Hello Mommy, how are you? Not very good, my tummy’s so big and pain, can you come over? Okay, I’ll be there Thank you, see you soon Bye Bye Oh, my tummy’s so big and pain, I hope she’ll be here soon Oh, Doc McStuffins , where are you? Oh, ow I think she’s coming It’s Doc McStuffins Come in Hi Mommy, what’s wrong? My tummy’s gotten very big, and I’ve been burping And farting All morning Phew Phew Phew Oh, ow Phew, I better wear this Sorry about that, Doctor And this There, I’m ready Sorry about that It’s time for your examination, I’m going to check your eyes Okay Your eyes appear fine Now I’m going to check your ears Your ears appear fine I’m going to check your temperature Oh! You have a fever I have to give you an infusion Oh no! Will it be pain? Maybe a little bit It’s okay, don’t be afraid, it will do you feel better Ouch! I’ll give you a Band-Aid There Thank you! Now I’m going to listen to your heartbeat It’s okay if you chuckle, it might tickle a little Your heartbeat announces fine I’m going to check your paunch Oh, I don’t like the phones of that, what have you been snacking? I gobble McDonald’s and pizza Oooh! There’s your problem, that’s not health I need to give you an infusion in the paunch Whoa! That’s a big needle Is it going to hurt? Maybe a little bit Ouch! Did that hurt? Yes I’m going to gave another Band-Aid on There, that’s all better now Thank you Thank you Doc McStuffins for coming I hope you was better soon, bye-bye, see you next time Bye, see you Please subscribe to our paths Please watch some more of our videos