Will This Be Your First Smartwatch?


I got a bunch of boxes on the table today four boxes of the hot new watch, smartwach called “Ticwatch”. They were on Kickstarter, They raised a boatload of fund for a more affordable smartwatch. Okay? That works on both android and IOS and it comes in a number of different variances They’re around $ 200 is dependent on the variant. To kick it off, Onyx Black. That’s a good start, what else we got? Oak, Charcoal and Black, and Snow White. Snow White and the Seven Dwarf. What happens in that story? It’s bad news right? “Mirror, reflect on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all? ” Ooh You can see you got a watch face represented on there with a sticker, so you can get an ide- oh.

How about tha- Jack, it’s been a while! Silica Gel!* Sheds it at Jack** Jack throws it back** Lew chuckles like a kid on Christmas* That was fun. We haven’t done that in a while.* Lew extends for fistbump** Jack leaves him hanging* This is nice. Appear at this, they got the little pillow in there! Kinda rubber-ish. It’s a more sporty finish. There is also a heart rate observe on the bottom. “Water Resistant, Pedometer sensor, ” yes “Proximity Sensor, Heart Rate” “Tickle Touch” Tickle Touch is kinda like a main attraction here on the TicWatch. Micro USB Charger. Ah, a little accusation base. Drops on top. It’s got a little magnet so it acquires the right spot and then over here, that’s where your micro USB will connect. Nice little watch suffer. We got other options here. A metal top on it. Brown leather band as well.* much smell, such leather, wow” That can still smell the real leather humankind. This box is slightly different. Oooooh, it’s a little bit fancier this one! This one…has a metal band on it.* fulfilling plastic peel* If you’re like Jack, ya threw the suit on every so often.

You go out, you pretend you’re on a date cos you can’t get a real one.* hits fired* You’re just slurping up your spaghetti, it’s the single candle and the band.* stirs music noises* You’ll figure it out one day Jack. These ensembles are actually interchangeable as well. Pinch? Yea, look at that. Now patently if this isn’t the size of your wrist, you add or remove got a couple of connects. Little accusation base. You got a little bed back clock. Is it is necessary to get up yet? No, it’s not noon yet.* you know you do it too* Get the eight hours okay? You need it to grow up big and strong. They might tell you “youve had” school and homework, listen to me instead.

You snooze “were losing”. That’s the reverse of what I was telling. I think if you snooze you win! Extra connects and a tiny, little screwdriver. This is black on black. What’s it gonna be for you? Which style would you go for? Immediately, it tells you to tickle the side. I gotta admit, that stirs me feel a little bit uncomfortable, but it’s actually pretty cool. Over here, this is a touch sensitive field. You can see how I’m doing that? It’s very reactive as well. Download the TicWear App.This is obviously gonna be for the fitness material as well. It’s a litte QR Code there.

What you wanna do is just line up. Paired up, put up new. You can see it’s got a pretty classic gazing face on there right now, but I mean there’s a ton here. Whatever you want, I don’t know. Weather, some buds if are you gonna get fancy. There’s some modifications you can do right on the watch, but also within the app. If I click on watch face, you can see them in here. You can also download extra watch faces if you want something else than what’s pre-included there. I remember I’ma go with the sport one. Okay cool. So it’s been swapped out now.

You can give which notifications you wanna determine on the watch and how often you want to see them. You can also block app notifications from certain apps that keep pestering you. Your battery indicator, for not just the watch, but also the phone. Also in here, network defines. It looks like this thing can immediately connect to Wi-Fi as well. Jack, why don’t you send me a text or something?* probably laughing at the emoji* Okay so scrolling over to the right is where your apps are gonna live. Dialer, Calendar. Health is the the one I wanna try right now. Click to start my experiment. Telling me to keep still right now. 48? I mean, I’m pretty loosened right now.

* phone starts to resounding* Let me try this.* shakes watch to answer see** person on phone* “Hi.” Your voice is coming through on the speaker of the smartwatch, so now around the world is hearing you.* person on the phone* “Oh, at the least I can say hi to everybody.” Go ahead mention Hi.* she chuckles and replies* “Hi everyone.”* she says to somebody* “Can you mount the T.V in our bedroom? ” Well, I mean that was a real world test. We had the phone call “re coming in” the speaker on the smartwatch. I answered that call and it worked. I’m getting dinged up! Oh it’s got a voice recorder in it. Check check one two. This happens to me actually, I have an idea for a video or maybe some music or something like that. I have an idea. I think they’ve put a little packet together here. Works on IOS, “ve been working on” Android. Bunch of various types of intends make their own choices and most importantly, affordable. More affordable, that’s the game plan. Listen, does it have the prestige…the prestige of your Golden Apple watch, maybe not.

But that’s not the game plan. That’s not the only game in town. And perhaps you don’t wanna spend that kinda lettuce. Do you deserve to get your notifications on your wrist still? Yes! According to TicWatch you do. Now whatever’s in those notifications, I can’t help you with that, alright? If your girlfriend is breaking up with you on your watch, I can’t be held accountable. She’s probably got a good reason though. Alright, step your game up kids.

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